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  • Fri 3rd Sep, 2021 until Fri 1st Oct, 2021As Above So Below: Lyndsay McKay - Sep 17th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    As Above So Below: Lyndsay McKay

    We knew of no other circumstances in which to exist. It was simply a way of being – a reliable invasion of harmony and a co-existence that could never be otherwise. So, when the clouds accumulated on the horizon and the storm passed through, we united our bodies and emerged as one ever-expanding, tentacular form. Together, we multiplied again and again, in a symbiotic reforming of the grounds fo... read more...

  • Coming Up

  • Thu 7th Oct, 2021girl fat: Clare Lannan - Sep 17th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    girl fat: Clare Lannan

    October 7th - 29th 2021 Opening night October 7th, 7-10pm For full hours see thefiftyfifty.net - Displayed together under the name “girl fat”, this ever-growing collection of sculptures combines stuffed, reconfigured nylon forms with ready made objects. The work is never ending and always in progress, a continuing and necessary inquiry into the lived experiences of deviant bodies, specific... read more...